Item:Fine Dwarf-iron Shield

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Shield 4 (rare)-icon.png
  Fine Dwarf-iron Shield

Craft Information

Profession: Metalsmith

​Crafting Tier: Artisan (tier 4)

​Recipe: Artisan Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png Dwarf-iron Shield Recipe


Standard Critical
Shield 4 (uncommon)-icon.png Dwarf-iron Shield Shield 4 (rare)-icon.png Fine Dwarf-iron Shield
Warden's Shield 4 (uncommon)-icon.png Dwarf-iron Warden's Shield Warden's Shield 4 (rare)-icon.png Fine Dwarf-iron Warden's Shield
Shield 4 (uncommon)-icon.png Dwarf-iron Guardian's Shield Shield 4 (rare)-icon.png Fine Dwarf-iron Guardian's Shield


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