Item:Farming Garden

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Garden 1-icon.png
Farming Garden

Item Information

Crafting Station

A Farming Garden (called Farmland in the Store) may be purchased in the in-game Lotro Store for installation at your Personal House or Kin House.
This item has two different images. Farming Garden-1-icon.png as displayed in your inventory. Garden 1-icon.png as displayed in the Housing Maintenance window.


  • This facility may be used by anyone depending upon the permissions settings you have established for your house (Maintenance / Permissions / Use Decorations)
  • Currently (Update 17.2.1 on 25 Feb 2016), from testing it appears that it is not possible to sow/ harvest as many crops concurrently as it is on normal Farmlands. It is possible normally (using say the Universal Toolkit with -3 second reduction in harvesting) to sow/ harvest around 12+ crops at a time. This is common practice for most Farmers for some years now. However, using the same crop, items and similar latency etc. it is only possible to do 8-9 at a time on the purchased farmland. The crop despawn timer appears to be the same for both (120 seconds) so it looks like there is some other difference in the game mechanic for these plots (possibly the way that delete selects the earliest sown crop, or not)
  • It is possible to sow crops in a large area around the physical, wooden bordered garden. Even more than one crop distance away in places it will still indicate farmland in green on the crafting menu. This should allow multiple players to use it at a time.
  • With careful placement of crafting stations, it is possible to use both the farmland and workbench from the same spot which cuts travel time when farming. Even cooking too if the oven is placed within range.