Item:Farmers Faire Steed

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Mount 27 (common)-icon.png
  Farmers Faire Steed

Item Information

This mount is available during Farmers Faires since 2012.
The default name is Barley.

Barter Information


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Mount 27 (common)-icon.png Farmers Faire Steed Mithril Coin-icon.png 70 Mithril Coins

Skill(s) Granted

Using this item grants the skill Farmers Faire Steed(skill)-icon.png Farmers Faire Horse or Farmers Faire Steed(skill)-icon.png Farmers Faire Pony, depending on your character race.

 Mount Stats

Speed = 62%
Morale = 200
Unable to evade.
Unable to parry.
Unable to block.


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