Item:Expeditionary's Filigree Necklace

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Necklace 58 (incomparable)-icon.png
  Expeditionary's Filigree Necklace
  • Bind on Acquire
  • Item Level: 310
  • Neck
  • Empty Essence Slot-icon.png Empty Slot
  • Empty Essence Slot-icon.png Empty Slot
  • +469 Will
    +548 Vitality
    +6270 Outgoing Healing Rating
    +4 Light of Eärendil
  • Normal
  • Durability 80/80
  • Minimum Level 110
  • Worth: 29 Silver 40 Copper 

Item Information

This is a scaled item. The exact reward of the item received is dependent on the level of the instance.


This item can be disenchanted into 40Ash of Enchantment-icon.png Ash of Enchantment.

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