Item:Enhancement Rune, Lvl 101 (rare)

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Enhancement Rune 7 (rare)-icon.png
Enhancement Rune, Lvl 101
  • Bind to Account on Acquire
  • Item Level: 101
  • Enhancement Limit: 230
  • Minimum Level 101
  • "Enhances one of your traceries. Drag this onto the tracery you wish to Enhance."
  • Worth: 8 Silver 90 Copper 


This Enhancement Rune increases the Item Level of Traceries on Legendary Items.

Item Information

This item is received when opening an Box 29 (store)-icon.png Enhancement Runes, Lvl 101 Rare.

Barter Information

Barterer: Legendary Weapons/Class Items

Item(s) to Receive Item(s) to Trade
Enhancement Rune 7 (rare)-icon.png Enhancement Rune, Lvl 101 Ancient Script-icon.png 60 Ancient Scripts