Item:Earring of Spring's Arrival

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Earring 68 (incomparable)-icon.png
  Earring of Spring's Arrival
  • Bind to Account on Acquire
  • Item Level: 340
  • Ear
  • +775 Might
    +939 Vitality
    +7580 Physical Mastery
    +3046 Critical Rating
    +18 Light of Earendil

  • 10m Range
  • Cooldown: 5m
  • Normal
  • Durability 60/60
  • Minimum Level 115
  • "This was discovered after Thelaron's redemption, and glows faintly in celebration of the return of Spring!

    Using will create a swirl of petals around your target."
  • Worth: 29 Silver 85 Copper 

Drop Informatiom

This item is found within the raid Abyss of Mordath and within Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootbox-icon.png Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootboxes