Item:Dagorlad Weapon Scrap

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Dagorlad Weapon Scrap (Wastes)-icon.png
  Dagorlad Weapon Scrap
  • Item Level: 100
  • Barter Item
  • "The scrap of battles past. It cannot be used to make new equipment, but it will work just fine to reinforce equipment damaged at the Pelennor."
  • Worth: 9 Silver 20 Copper 

Item Information

Dagorlad Weapon Scrap is an Anórien-proficiency crafting material introduced with The Wastes.

They are most easily found in Dagorlad Scrap Deposit resource nodes in the Noman-lands in The Wastes.

See Weaponsmith Anórien Recipe Index: Host of the West for the crafting recipes that use them.

Drop Information

This item is a selectable reward from the Box 12 (store)-icon.png Box of Crafting Materials.

It is also obtainable as random loot from enemies and containers in the Wastes.

Quest Information

This item is a selectable reward for the following quests: