Item:Cloak of the Exemplary Burglar

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Hooded Cloak 1 (epic)-icon.png
  Cloak of the Exemplary Burglar
  • Bind on Acquire
  • Light Armour
  • 621 Armour
  • +152 Agility
    +38 Vitality
    +2 Stealth Level
    +262 Maximum Power
    +3% Subtle Stab Damage Multiplier
  • Normal
  • Durability 40/40
  • Minimum Level 85
  • Class: Burglar
  • "Only the greatest Burglars are worthy of this cloak."
  • Worth: 29 Silver 8 Copper 

Drop Information

This item has a chance to drop from chests in The Road to Erebor instances instances.

This item has a chance to drop in the Webs of the Scuttledells.