Item:Broken Engraving

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Broken Engraving-icon.png
  Broken Engraving
  • Item Level: 1
  • Consumed On Use
  • Reputation Item
  • Minimum Level 45
  • "This small bit of masonry once adorned the walls of Khazad-dûm, but has since been torn off by some foul creature.

    Faction: Iron Garrison Miners (30 points)

    Use this item to immediately gain reputation in this faction.
    This item can be exchanged for an Iron Garrison Guards reputation item."
  • Worth: 20 Copper 
  • Stacks to 100

Barter Information

Iron Garrison Guards reputation items may be exchanged (bartered) one-for-one, for Iron Garrison Miners items at any Iron Garrison Guards vendor.

This Iron Garrison Miners Item Worth Reputation Gain Can Be Received in Exchange For
Broken Engraving-icon.png Broken Engraving 30 Worn Dwarf Carving-icon.png Worn Dwarf Carving
Cracked Etching-icon.png Cracked Etching 50 Cracked Dwarf Tablet-icon.png Cracked Dwarf Tablet
Green Crystal Lamp Fragment-icon.png Green Crystal Lamp Fragment 700 Purple Crystal Lamp Fragment-icon.png Purple Crystal Lamp Fragment
Durin Figurine-icon.png Durin Figurine 900 Durin's Emblem-icon.png Durin's Emblem
Uncut Moria-adamant-icon.png Uncut Moria-adamant 1,200 Fracture Ruby-icon.png Fractured Ruby

Reputation Traders and Barterers:

Drop Information

This item has a chance to drop from mobs in Moria.