Item:Aragorn's Letter

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Aragorn's Letter


This item appears in inventory when accepting the quest [32] Calenglad Remained.

Carry the letter from Aragorn in the Guest Rooms in Rivendell to Calenglad in Tinnudir.

Item Information

Aragorn's Letter
It has been too many years. Young I was when last I stood with you in Men Erain, before the tomb of Elendil my forefather, and bid you farewell. Many roads have I travelled since that day, and many evils fought, but the path now beneath my feet and the foes arrayed before me are more dangerous than ever I have faced. The time has come for strength; the light of Narsil must be rekindled.
You know of what I speak, Calenglad -- the Silithar must be recovered. I am ready to take up the burden that has been set before me, but Gwindeth must give me her approval or that readiness will mean nothing.
The bearer of this letter acts as my agent and speaks with my voice. Verify the authenticity of its carrier in the common way of the Dúnedain. Evendim and Nenual are in my thoughts, Calenglad. I hope that you are well.
Aragorn son of Arathorn, Lord of the Dúnedain