Item:Anfalas Scroll of Delving

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Scroll of Delving-icon.png
Anfalas Scroll of Delving
  • Item Level: 100
  • Consumed On Use
  • "This scroll will unlock an additional 10 item levels when used on a Legendary Item with a minimum level to equip of 100 or less.

    For Imbued Legendary Items, this scroll will unlock 1 additional tier for all class legacies on the weapon.

    A Legendary Item can only unlock additional levels once."
  • Worth: 35 Silver 
  • Stacks to 10

Quest Information

This item is a reward for the quest [96] Volume IV, Book 1: Chapter 6: The Merchant.

Melding Information

This item can be obtained by melding Shard-icon.png 58,500 shards at a Relic-master, under Legendary Support. Scrolls obtained using this method are Bound to Account.

Barter Information

Barterer: Legendary Items Vendor (Skirmish Camp; scrolls are found under the "Accessories" heading)

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Scroll of Delving-icon.png Anfalas Scroll of Delving Mark-icon.png 3,155 Marks Medallion-icon.png 470 Medallions