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Eorl Memorial-icon.png
  Eorl Memorial


This item is a model of the Eorl's Hallow found in the Wold.

Eorl's Hallow, is also referred to as "Memorial of Eorl" on the map of The Wold [45.6S, 51.2W]
This memorial was erected on the site where he fell in battle.
The eight stones depict the life of Eorl The Young, First King of the Mark.
The runes used are Futhorc (the ones portrayed on Thorin's Map in The Hobbit) which can be found as well on the Stone of Wyrgende and in Meduseld.
You can find the hallow a short ride south of Harwick/Feldburg/Fang Point.
Visit the page Eorl's Hallow, for a full description of the stone carvings and translation of the memorial.

Item Information

Barterer: Quartermaster (Riders of Rohan) at the War-stead of the King's Men of Taur Drúadan [45.5S, 27.3W]
Requires Kindred status with the Riders of Rohan.
Item to Receive Items to Trade
Eorl Memorial-icon.png Eorl Memorial 50Exquisite Wood-carving-icon.png Exquisite Wood-carvings 40Polished Marble Trinket-icon.png Polished Marble Trinkets


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