Improved Enlivening Grace

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Enlivening Grace-icon.png
 Improved Enlivening Grace
  • 25.2m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Max Targets: 5
  • Radius: 25m
  • Induction: 7s
  • Skill Type: Heal
  • Revives a defeated target, along with all Fellowship members nearby.
  • Target revives with 50% Morale
  • Target revives with 0% Power
  • Effects to apply on revival:
  • You have been recently revived.
  • Duration: 30s
  • Cost: ... Power

Skill Information

Class: Minstrel

Replaces Enlivening Grace-icon.png Enlivening Grace at level 68. This revive skill can revive multiple fellows at once.