Hands of Healing Traits

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Tree Traits Description Source
Reversal (Trait)-icon.png Reversal Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Skilled Hands-icon.png Skilled Hands Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Bolstered Resolve-icon.png Bolstered Resolve Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Blood of Númenor-icon.png Blood of Númenor Improves skill Escape from Darkness and becomes Cry of Vengeance Trait: 5+ ranks
Revealing Mark (Trait)-icon.png Revealing Mark Gain skill Revealing Mark Trait: 5+ ranks
Dignified Spectacle-icon.png Dignified Spectacle Buff Trait: 5+ ranks
Lifting Words-icon.png Lifting Words Improves skill Words of Courage Trait: 10+ ranks
Gallant Display (Trait)-icon.png Gallant Display Gain skill Gallant Display Trait: 10+ ranks
Rousing Cry-icon.png Rousing Cry Improves skill Rallying Cry Trait: 10+ ranks
Astute Hands-icon.png Astute Hands Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Relentless Optimism-icon.png Relentless Optimism Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Honourable Blow-icon.png Honourable Blow Improves skill Valiant Strike Trait: 15+ ranks, Revealing Mark (1)
Standard of Honour (Trait)-icon.png Standard of Honour Gain and improve skill Standard of Honour Trait: 20+ ranks
Courageous Convocation-icon.png Courageous Convocation Improves skill Muster Courage Trait: 20+ ranks
Fellowship of the Song-icon.png Fellowship of the Song Improves skill Inspire (Song-brother) Trait: 25+ ranks
Rallying Roar-icon.png Rallying Roar Improves skill Rallying Cry Trait: 25+ ranks
Reform the Lines! (Trait)-icon.png Reform the Lines! Gain skill Reform the Lines! Trait: 30+ ranks
Valour (Trait)-icon.png Valour Buff Trait: 30+ ranks