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Half-trolls are a mysterious new type of foe in the Dark Lord's service. They are creatures of Troll-kind that have been crossed with the blood of Men. Like the similar Half-orcs, it is unclear how this was accomplished, whether through interbreeding, alchemy, or sorcery. If they are a result of a breeding experiment, they were likely crossed with slaves of Mordor or with Men of Harad. Regardless of their origins, Half-trolls are monstrous beings with the strength and appearance of Trolls yet also possessing a measure of human intelligence and cunning.

The Half-trolls were bestowed as a gift by Sauron to the Haradrim, the tribesmen of southern Middle-earth. They have accompanied the Men of Harad and the Corsairs of Umbar in their invasion of Gondor, working as servants, slaves, and elite warriors of the Southron army.


A list of all known sightings:

Half-trolls(25 P)


Half-trolls and troll-men are mentioned by J.R.R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings but their exact nature is never made clear. It is a matter of interpretation whether they are intended to be truly half man, half troll or if "Half-troll" is simply a poetic description of an unknown and fearsome race of the distant South-lands.