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Level: 62
Region: Moria
Area: The Foundations of Stone

Type: Nemesis
Genus: Ancient Evil
Species: Nameless

Morale: 106,680
Power: 11,071
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Feeble
F.M. Immune: False
Stun/Mez Imm.: True
Root Immune: True
Cry: Fair
Song: Fair
Tactical: Fair
Physical: Fair
Common: Good AncientDwarf: Fair
Fire: Good Beleriand: Average
Light: Fair Westernesse: Fair
Shadow: Good Frost: Good
Lightning: Good

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( )  


Gwathnor (Sindarin for Shadow-fire) can be found in the lowest depths of Azanarukâr in the Foundations of Stone, in Moria.


Offence 1 (debuff)-icon.png Disturbing Shadows
Defence 1 (buff) (tier 1)-icon.png Shroud of Darkness


Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Galadhrim ( 100 )

Quest Involvement

[60] Instance: New Devilry

Deed Involvement


Gwathnor's attacks can deal either Fire damage or Shadow damage.

This boss changes both in appearance and level throughout the second fight. He emerges from a portal at lvl 62, with 78,380 max morale, and 10,375 max power. Later in the fight, he no longer appears to be a Nemesis, but an Elite Master of level 60, with only 16,794 max Morale, and 1,595 max Power. He also transforms from ethereal-looking to having a skin of fire.


Cloak 1 (incomparable)-icon.pngCloak 1 (rare)-icon.png Broken Metal Club-icon.pngTrophy Sheath 1-icon.png


According to the artist, Gwathnor is some type of lesser Balrog, similar to a Rogmul.

Gwathnor drops either the Singed Cloak or the Cloak of Shadow and Flame, of which the second has better stats, but is also very rare. It was once rumoured that killing the boss while he is switching from shadow form to flame form would increase the drop chance. After many years of speculation, in September 2010 a developer finally revealed that it is really just a random drop and special tactics won't increase it.