Guide to Rivendell

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This page is about the Hunter's wayfaring skill. For the common and Elf Race travelling skill, see Return to Rivendell
Guide to Rivendell-icon.png
 Guide to Rivendell
  • Induction: 10s
  • Your skill as a tracker allows you to find a path for you and your Fellowship to Rivendell. This skill is easily interrupted.
  • Cost: ... Power

General Information

This travelling skill is auto-bestowed to Hunters who have reached the required level. Since Update 12, Helm's Deep - November 20, 2013, it seems that this skill is gained automatically when the hunter reaches level 46. It simply appears in the Travel section of the Hunter_Skills panel--there seems to be no quest, training, or other requirement.

Class: Hunter

Level: 46

Using this skill takes the Hunter to just south of The Bridge of Rivendell. [30.5S, 4.6W]