Gondorian Tale-weaver

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Freep-icon.png Gondorian Tale-weaver
Gondorian Tale-weaver.jpg
Faction Freep
Location Glân Vraig
Map ref [20.7S, 13.6W]
Race Man
Type Scenery


The Gondorian Tale-weaver is a scenery NPC found at Glân Vraig in the Ettenmoors. He is standing next to a Gondorian flag that teleports players from Glân Vraig to the Causeway Forts in the Sundering of Osgiliath.


"Imagine you were a Gondorian soldier in Osgiliath, as I was, the day the Enemy struck!"
"Aye, it is from Gondor I hail. I fought the Enemy at the Sundering of Osgiliath. I will gladly tell you the tale."
"What was the Battle in Osgiliath like, you ask? We had held the western side for years, when suddenly one day..."