Gondorian Soldier

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Gondorian Soldier
Image of Gondorian Soldier
Role Epic Battle
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 100
Difficulty Signature
Morale 57,891
Power 7,356
Region Central Gondor
Area Pelargir
Settlement Pelargir


Gondorian Soldiers form the backbone of the gondorian army fighting in the War for Gondor and come in many different appearances. They take orders from the Gondorian Captains who in turn take orders from the player.

Their survival is very important as their defeat often results in significant merit loss and the continuous loss of soldiers can lead to the group being overwhelmed. They will automatically attack most enemies in their vicinity.


Siege Armour-icon.png Armour
Healing 1 (buff)-icon.png Heal Order
One-handed Stance-icon.png One-handed Stance
Siege Armour-icon.png Siege Armour
Shield Stance-icon.png Shield Stance
Two-handed Stance-icon.png Two-handed Stance


  • Oftentimes, one particular Soldier will take the brunt of the enemy's damage, making it easier for healing classes to simply focus on healing a single Soldier rather than distributing heals.
    • Likewise the Heal command can be just as effective for non-healing classes.
  • Soldiers' stances have their own advantages and disadvantages:
    • One-handed stance is their default and most balanced stance, requiring attention on the occasion.
    • Shield stance will significantly increase their survivability and is recommended for large group sized battles due to the increased difficulty of enemies. Too many Soldiers in this stance, however, may significantly detriment their damage output and render the extra survivability redundant if the enemies are not killed quickly enough.
    • Two-handed stance will significantly increase their damage output, settling for the best defense as the best offense approach. This is recommended in Solo/Duo battles where enemies are more manageable and will greatly aid during side objectives.
  • Soldiers may sometimes not engage enemies that are part of side objectives, leaving it to the player to either kill the extra mobs or to complete the objective as quickly as possible.

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