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Freep-icon.png Golloval
Faction Freep
Location Coldfells
Map ref [12.5S, 16.6W]
Race Eagle
Type Quest
Difficulty Avenger
Level 140
Morale 435,572
Power 31,395


Golloval is the leader of the Sun-touched Eagles in the area and in his eyrie there are 4 or 5 of them. His eyrie is located in a cluster of rocks just west of Isendeep Mine in the Ettenmoors. [12.5S, 16.6W]

When the Creeps hold Isendeep Mine, he will offers Freeps a quest to help retake the mine. For Creeps, he is the target of a raid quest to kill him before he can help the Freeps retake Isendeep Mine.

His respawn rate is roughly 20 minutes.



Available only when the Creeps hold Isendeep Mine.

Target of Quest


Golloval's Eyrie