Get a Grip!

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Get a Grip!-icon.png
 Get a Grip!
  • 20.2m Range
  • Max Targets: 6
  • Radius: 20m
  • As an Uruk you are adept at whipping those lesser beasts in Sauron's army back into shape.
  • +9855 - 13545 Morale
  • Cost: 248 Power
  • Requires: Advanced Skill: Get a Grip! Trait Equipped
  • Cooldown: 3m

General Information

Class: Uruk Blackarrow, Uruk Warleader

Rank: 5 (Blackarrow), 9 (Warleader)

Trait Required: Advanced Skill Get a Grip!-icon.png Advanced Skill: Get a Grip!


Using this skill restores morale to six allies.