Gaergoth the Unbound

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 Gaergoth the Unbound
Gaergoth the Unbound.jpg
Faction Neutral
Location Ettenmoors
Area The Delving of Frór
Genus Ancient Evil
Species Rogmul
Type Arch-nemesis
Level Range 143
Morale Range 2,285,182
Power Range 104,494
Special Abilities Fire Based Attacks
Fire DoTs


Gaergoth the Unbound is the ultimate boss of The Delving of Fror and is found in the central lava moat room. He is surrouned by Searing Urfons. He is not attackable until the Searing Urfons around him are killed.


Defeating Gaergoth grants the effect Gaergoth Effect-icon.png Gaergoth to whichever side defeated him until he is defeated by the opposing side. This effect grants +40% Infamy/Glory and Commendation gain.

Special Attacks

Like many other of the big bosses in the Delving of Fror, Gaergoth is capable of giant knockbacks. The catch is, his island is surrounded by boiling lava that will kill you on contact. Try to stand against one of the islands pillars to avoid being thrown in.

He has several AoE skills, one of which is a frontal Fire based attack that does roughly 2,000 fire damage to everyone in front of him. Another AoE he uses is where he cracks the ground underneath him and damages everyone around him for around 1,000 fire damage.

He also uses the fear DoT Fear 1 (over time)-icon.png Distraught and the fire DoT Fire 9 (tier 2)-icon.png Burning. He also has been known to use the fear debuff Fear 1 (timed)-icon.png Suppressed Fear.


Gaergoth (aka Garry) starts once the searing urfons around him are all dead. He will not hit extremely hard, but he will occasionally put out a wound on the tank that if not removed immediately, will one shot the tank. So bringing an LM is not a bad idea. There is also a semi-nasty fear that he will put on the tank occasionally, though this one is not too bad. Once Garry is active, it's a tank/spank till he's down to 2/3 or so of his health. At that point at least 6 fumaroles will spawn all around the island. All of the fumaroles will pop out searing urfons until the fumarole is dead. The searing urfons will begin an induction if they reach melee range of their current target and if this induction goes off, a 360 knock back and 2-3k aoe happen to anyone in melee range. These knock backs can be super deadly as you are surrounded by lava of insta-death, so positioning is key in this fight. Kill them, and show them no mercy. They will not attack you, however the urfons will knock you back occasionally. This is not necessarily deadly. Melee classes should test how far back from the fumarole they can go while still being able to hit them. Once you've found the furthest distance, stay there. If you get knocked back, press the 'run back' button immediately and hold it until you are on solid ground again. This will probably save you. Go for the fumaroles, focusing fire. Leave a warleader or a tank/healer holding Garry. Once one fumarole is dead, move on to the next and repeat for all. Once they are all dead, you should all focus back on Garry. There should be no problems from here, and Garry should be dead in (not even) a few minutes.


In the 15th century of the Third Age, Angmar found themselves at yet another stalemate with Arthedain. With Rhudaur and Cardolan both conquered, Arthedain seemed ripe to follow but with the help of those who survived the devastation of Cardolan and the Elves of both Lindon and Rivendell, Arthedain held Angmar's onslaught and drove them back. The Witch King sought to end the war as quickly as possible so he unleashed his most deadly creation yet, Gaergoth. However, things did not go to plan. In 1440 TA, a force from Fornost ambushed and destroyed an Angmarim Army, prompting the Witch King to leave and seek vengeance. Days after the Witch King's departure, Gaergoth broke free and escaped from Angmar. For hundreds of years he roamed the caves of the Ettenmoors and Hithaeglir until finally he saw his opportunity. The Dwarves abandoned their delving and founded another in Angmar and Gaergoth took up abode there. It is now filled with his minions.


"Your defeat will fuel my rage!"
"You dare to confront me? I shall claim you for flame!"
"No. I will not face you outside my realm."