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Faction Neutral
Location Ettenmoors
Area The Delving of Frór
Genus Troll-kind
Species Troll
Type Elite Master
Level Range 121
Morale Range 341,898
Power Range 18,351
Special Abilities Knockback, Knockdown,

Pets, Self Buffs


Gâth is a patrolling Elite Master troll in The Delving of Frór. It patrols a long path around and past Rottenroot, an Arch-Nemesis class Huorn boss in an area filled with trolls and live roots.

Special Attacks

Gâth has many special attacks.

He has a knockback, 6 second knockdown, a huge self heal, a self armour buff, and he also has the ability to summon Living Roots to aid him in battle.


Gâth was once king of the wood trolls who roamed the forests of Hithlad. However, when war came to the Ettenmoors, the Coldfells Army pushed into the woods and destroyed his people. Gath himself escaped with a remnant of his people who travelled north. Unknowlingly, Gath and his minions stumbled into the keep of Ost Ringdyr and barely managed to escape into the Delving before being overwhelmed.