Flashing Flank

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Flashing Flank-icon.png
 Flashing Flank
  • 30m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • This skill creates a burst of light in front of the targeted enemy causing them to become Flanked.
  • Cooldown: 45s

General Information

Class: Lore-master

Pet: Spirit of Nature

Pet level: baseline


Using this skill causes Flanked! to occur on an enemy target.

Tactical Information

Using this skill causes a flank event to occur. It is the only existing skill that forces such an event. The cooldown is 45 seconds though, and many pets will flank at the same rate or more often without having to use a skill for it. The only advantage of this skill thus is that you can choose yourself when you want a flank, at the expense of having less of them.