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A Fellowship is a group of up to 6 players created to quest and explore Middle-earth together.
However, it is a temporary grouping which does not survive between logins. A more permanent group is a Kinship, but that grouping is not designed for questing.
All of Middle-earth is able to be explored by players in Fellowship groups. Most quests can be undertaken by fellowship groups of two to six players. A few quests are "Solo Only." Other quests are indicated as "Small Fellowship" Small Fellowship-icon.png (3 players) or full Fellowship Full Fellowship-icon.png (6 players) and are marked as such both in the quest dialog as well as the Quest Log.

  • A Fellowship can be formed at any time by anyone, who automatically becomes the Fellowship Leader. A fellowship can also be disbanded at any time by the leader.
  • You create a fellowship by inviting others to join your fellowship, by typing /invite <playername> in the "chat line".
  • By right clicking on your portrait and selecting the appropriate action from the resulting drop-down menu, you can perform certain Fellowship actions, such as passing the leadership of your Fellowship to another or disbanding the fellowship (if you are the leader); or leaving the fellowship yourself.
Dispanding a fellowship and then reforming it is often a tactic necessary if certain problems are encountered with instances and the like.
Some options and actions are valid only within an Instance and are only visible at that time.
  • Fellowships can use the Fellowship Manoeuvre system to perform group specials.
  • Group buffs and effects will affect all Fellowship members within range. (A Hunter's speed boost - Find the Path-icon.png Find the Path - or "port" are common examples).