Fall of Gondolin

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The Fall of Gondolin was a lesser battle in the Wars of Beleriand, the last conflict that directly followed the great Battle of Unnumbered Tears.

The city of Gondolin, long hidden from the eyes of Morgoth, fell to treachery by the bitter Elf Maeglin. Belryg, Orcs, wolves and dragons surrounded the city and began a siege. Ecthelion and the Balrog Gothmog killed each other, Glorfindel and another Balrog similarly killed each other, and High King Turgon died in his tower. The traitor Maeglin also fell from the walls of the city to his death below.

With this battle, every Noldor stronghold in Beleriand had fallen, and Morgoth's rule was supreme.

However, Eärendil survived the fall of Gondolin by escaping through secret passages, and he set his intentions to rally the Valar of Valinor to defeat Morgoth, and in this, he succeeded.