Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath Instance Deeds

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All the following deeds are located under The Grey Mountains tab on the Instances page of the Deed Log.
For landscape deeds of the Dwarf-holds, see Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath Deeds.
The in-game deed log contains all the Grey Mountains instance deeds at once, sorted alphabetically. For the sake of navigation and practical use, they are listed below by individual instance instead.


Discovery Deeds

There are three "Discovery deeds" which unlock the use of the "Summoning Horns" outside the Keep of Tharrazhâr in Skarháld.
Once you have discovered the Instance, the thing which looks like a Summoning Horn (labeled: "To Steel Keep", "To Glimmerdeep", and "To Stormwall") opposite the entrance to the Keep of Tharrazhâr in Skarháld [35.6N, 46.4W] and [35.6N, 46.2W], will allow you directly back into the matching instance (via the Instance Finder).

Resource Instances

  • All resource instances are unlocked after you finish all quests. Or better said when you finish the Quest: The State of the Expedition which takes you through all major quests in both Iron Hills and Ered Mithrin. These resource instances give you daily Marks of the Longbeards for a few quests both inside as outside the instance. The resource instances that will unlock eventually are: Thikil-Gundu, Glimmerdeep, Oinsbridge and Withered Heath.


The only access to Thikil-gundu is by way of the Instance Finder. However, your first access to Thikil-gundu, is by way of a wrapper quest: In the Halls of Thikil-gundu


Glimmerdeep has a Landscape entrance as well as via the Instance Finder.


The Anvil of Winterstith