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Image of Erchiel
Role Bowyer
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region Evendim
Area Northern Emyn Uial
Settlement The Eavespires
Map Ref [6.1S, 71.9W]


Erchiel is a Bowyer and Hunter Trainer found at The Eavespires in Evendim. She is selling bows and javelins for the levels 32 to 44.

Her name is Sindarin for "Daughter of Thorns". Though a seasoned warrior, and a member of Glorfindel's company in ages past, she has since become weary of the world and its battles. For now, she opts to live a quiet life within the wilds of Evendim, and maintains the camp at the Eavespires with her husband, Lithuifin.

Quest Involvement


Item Level Cost
Bow 2 (common)-icon.png Wooden Long Bow 32 11 Silver 36 Copper 
Bow 2 (common)-icon.png Wooden Long Bow 35 12 Silver 20 Copper 
Bow 2 (common)-icon.png Wooden Long Bow 38 13 Silver 4 Copper 
Bow 2 (common)-icon.png Wooden Long Bow 41 13 Silver 88 Copper 
Bow 2 (common)-icon.png Wooden Long Bow 44 14 Silver 72 Copper 
Javelin 2 (common)-icon.png Wooden Javelin 32 11 Silver 36 Copper 
Javelin 1 (common)-icon.png Wooden Javelin 35 12 Silver 20 Copper 
Javelin 1 (common)-icon.png Wooden Javelin 38 13 Silver 4 Copper 
Javelin 1 (common)-icon.png Wooden Javelin 41 13 Silver 88 Copper 
Javelin 1 (common)-icon.png Wooden Javelin 44 14 Silver 72 Copper 


"There was glory under the standard of Gil-galad in the ancient city, but now I am weary."
"I have no hope left for these lands."
"I feel pain in the soil, the trees, and the water."
"We are fading. Middle-earth is failing, and I will sail into the West."
"I have heard rumours now of dark powers astir in distant lands once again, and of tread of armies gathering is an ancient beat with which I am well acquainted."
"Though my heart burns with the thought that I might now have vengeance for ancient wrongs, for Lithuifin's sake I shall not join in this song of battle. Not this time."
"Good luck to you, for whom this world may be destined. My husband and I shall remain here and watch as this drama unfolds, and in time we too shall go into the west - though I hope that you are victorious for I am still fond of these lands, and I do not wish to see them forsaken to the hand of the Enemy of old."