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Biography: Eldacar
Birth - Death Third Age 87 - 339
Race: Man
Gender: Male
Ancestor(s): Elendil
Parent(s): Valandil
Child(ren): Arantar
Descendant(s): Line of Artedain
Aragorn II
Info: 4th King of Arnor
Ruled as High King for 90 years


Eldacar was son of Valandil, grandson of Isildur. He ruled as the fourth King of Arnor for 90 years, beginning III 249. He died 252 years old after a life without any significant events.

His name means "Elf Helm" in Quenya. (Pronunciation: emphasis on "e" with the second "a" short.)

Eldacar was the father of Arantar who succeeded him as the High King.

Twelve-hundred tears later a king named Eldacar lived and ruled in Gondor

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