Echad Saeradan

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Echad Saearadan
Type: Encampment
Region: Enedwaith
Area: Windfells
Location: [63.8S, 17.5W]
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Echad Saeradan is a ranger encampment in the area of the Windfells, in the region of Enedwaith. [63.8S, 17.5W]

Quest Involvement

See Enedwaith Quests for all quests in Enedwaith

Echad Saeradan: Saeradan Quests

  1. [62] An Outstretched Hand

Echad Saeradan: Andreg Quests

  1. [62] Feeding the Company
  2. You must choose one of the following quests:
Following Quests and vector to Uch Cadlus only if A Matter of Doubt is chosen
  1. [62] The Butchered Herd
  2. [62] Protecting the Herd
  3. [62] A Matter of Honour

Gavar Cadlus Quests: These quests become available after completing An Outstretched Hand

  1. [62] Sign of the White Hand On finding a Banner of the White Hand near Gwyllion's Gate
  2. [62] The Mystery Deepens Unlocks after completing Collars of the Accursed, Dark Crystals and Sign of the White Hand
  3. [62] The Old Woman of the Mountain

Epic Quests



Vendor Position Location
Supplies & Provisions
Andreg Quartermaster [63.8S, 17.5W]

Quest NPCs



Members of the Grey Company will eventually find themselves at the encampment of a well-familiar Ranger, Saeradan of Bree-land, and his companions Andreg and Amlan, hidden in the shadow of Amon Mîn, the ruins of a great Gondorian watchtower now claimed by the Draig-lûth to watch the North-South Road.

The goal of Saeradan and his companions is not only to maintain the secrecy of The Grey Company – at the very least of their identity, if not their passage – but also to seek provisions for the continuing southward journey. This seemingly menial task quickly uncovers a terrible mystery involving creatures of Dunlending legend and folklore. The ox and goatherds of the Uch-lûth live in fear of these creatures, looking to the mysterious crone known as the Old Woman of the Mountain for wisdom and protection.

Besides the Draig-lûth, ordinary wolves, and crebain, adventurers will encounter several creatures in the Windfells. These creatures are all derived from Welsh folklore to mix in with the overall atmosphere of Enedwaith.

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