Dol Amroth City Watch Armoury District

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Dol Amroth - Armoury Token-icon.png Armoury District Faction - The Armoury houses the weapons, shields and armours for the garrison at Dol Amroth.


Complete quests for tokens. Use Tokens to gain reputation.

  • Token worth 500 reputation. (20 tokens (10 if you use reputation acceleration) for maxed reputation)
  • Max reputation (10,000 rep, Acquaintance level only)
  • There are no other quests, items or creatures that provide reputation directly


Complete City Watch quests for tokens. The Training Exercise quests are not available until after reaching max reputation (10,000 rep, Acquaintance level only)

  • Max of 6 quests per day outside the Training Exercise


Quest Rewards: Box 3 (store)-icon.png Armoury Box which contains:


Barter the Armoury tokens at select Quartermasters for specific items:


Complete all quests and achieve Acquaintance level with faction to obtain: Quest-title-icon.png Dol Amroth - City Watch - Armoury (deed)