Dodder Twofoot

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Dodder Twofoot
Image of Dodder Twofoot
Role Race Trader
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area The Taste of Hobbiton
Map Ref [109.0S, 49.5E]


Dodder Twofoot is a Race Trader who during the Farmers Faire is found at the Taste of Hobbiton.

Quest Involvement



  • How often does the race run?
'The race resets every nine minutes. You have three minutes to place you bets in the beginning, and then the contestants will have another three minutes to complete the course.
When all is done, everyone rests for three minutes more.'
  • How do I place a bet?
'I offer a quest that gives betting Festival Tickets, and those tokens allow you to place your bets when a new race is about to begin.
The Race-master offers four quests -- one for each racer. Simply choose which racer you think will win, accept the corresponding quest, hand in your tircket, and hope for the best!'