Delver of Thikil-gundu

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Deed Lore

Long before the great cold-drake Vethúg Wintermind froze the halls of Thikil-gundu, the Longbeards delved the Steel Keep in the depths of the Grey Mountains.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Discover the Hoarding-vault of Immêsh-khalt
You have discovered the Hoarding-vault of Immêsh-khalt. Frozen beneath a layer of impenetrable ice, the Hoarding-vault of Immêsh-kalt is lined with the combined wealth of Durin's Folk and the Zhélruka.
Discover Durûz-mazal, the Chamber of Faces
You have discovered Durûz-mazal, the Chamber of Faces. Erected to honour the Dwarrowmoot of old between the Seven Kings of the Dwarves, the many faces of this chamber watch over Thikil-gundu.
Discover Bekâr-mazal, the Arming-chamber
You have discovered Bekâr-mazal, the Arming-chamber. Despite housing many weapons and tools of war, the great armoury of Thikil-gundu did not avail the Dwarves of the Steel Keep in the battle against Vethúg WIntermind.
Discover the Smithies of Kall-khebâb
You have discovered the Smitihies of Kall-khebâb. Once a great craft-hall of Thikil-gundu, the old smithies of the Steel Keep have been seized by the Orcs of Gundabad in service to the brood of Vethúg Wintermind and his forebear, Hrímil Frost-heart.
Discover Balb-gundu, the Frostdelf
You have discovered Balb-gundu, the Frostdelf. One of the only remaining delvings of Thikil-gundu, the Frostdelf once comprised much of Thikil-gundu until a great portion of it collapsed into the Depth of Akhatâr. It now serves as the lair of Athramóth, the mate of Vethúg Wintermind and mother of countless dragon-kind in the Grey Mountains.
Discover Zashar-tûmun, the Ruin-dwellings
You have discovered Zashar-tûmun, the Ruin-dwellings. Once a great dwelling-hall of the Dwarves of Thikil-gundu, Zashar-tûmun has fallen into ruin.
Discover the Feast-house of Amrâg-zahar
You have discovered the Feast-house of Amrâg-zahar. In the course of many long years, both the Longbeards and Zhélruka enjoyed great feasts and merriment in Amrâg-zahar before the fall of the Steel Keep. When Durin's Folk sought to return to Thikil-gundu, it was there Vethúg Wintermind waited in ambush and descended to slay Dáin, Frór, and countless other Longbeards.
Discover the Lore-trove of Afhân-binnîn
You have discovered the Lore-trove of Afhân-binnîn. A great hall of lore lost to the Longbeards and Zhélruka. Many of its works have been brought to ruin, either by time or by the breath of the cold-drakes, but a few pieces of note may still remain in the shadows of Afhân-binnîn.
Discover the Depths of Akhatâr
You have discovered the Depths of Akhatâr. These shadowed pits have not been mapped by any living dwarf, but who knows what could dwell in the depths of the Grey Mountains?
Discover Razûkh-zahari, the Room of Rain
You have discovered Razûkh-zahari, the Room of Rain. A great underground river travels beneath the Grey Mountains and passes through a carefully-delved crack above the Room of Rain.
Discover Thikil-nesad, the Steel Seat
You have discovered Thikil-nesad, the Steel Seat. Once the seat of countless Kings of the Longbeards and Zhélruka, Thikil-nesad was abandoned when the Steel Keep fell to Vethúg Wintermind.


  5Mark of the Longbeards-icon.png Mark of the Longbeards
  Reputation-title-icon.png <name>, Delver of Thikil-gundu

Additional Information


This deed is bestowed upon entering the Thikil-gundu Instance.
All of the locations except 3 are found in your normal progress through the solo instance.
Two of them, Balb-gundu, the Frostdelf [23.1N, 135.1W] and the Depths of Akhatâr [23.6N, 134.9W] are easily found directly off the SE corner of the Smithies of Kall-khebâb - but the door only opens AFTER the death of the boss of the smithies, Karkasht Crow-feeder.
  • Note that you can go too far into the Depths of Akhatâr, and be defeated as you fall!
The third and last location: Bekâr-mazal, the Arming-chamber is accessable ONLY from the Resource Instance, which is not available until you have completed Quest: The State of the Expedition which takes you through all major quests in both Iron Hills and Ered Mithrin.