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Darkwaters, also known as Mornen in Sindarin, are evil spirits bound to bodies of water. Like the fell-spirits who animate the bodies of the dead to become Wights, the Darkwaters have no physical form of their own but use the liquid of rivers and streams to manifest. Darkwaters originated in the realm of Angmar under the Witch-king but will often arise in areas where the waters of Middle-earth have been befouled by evil forces, pestilence, or spilled blood. One of the largest collections of Darkwaters is in the Red Swamp of Agamaur in the Lone-lands, an area where the waters run red from the blood of ancient battles fought over the realm of Rhudaur. It is possible that the Darkwaters of this region are Shades of the Hill-men who once ruled this land.

While they are servants to the will of the Dark Lord, Darkwaters sometimes gather under other masters. In Agamaur, they have developed an affinity for Naruhel the Red Maid, a similar river-spirit who has been tainted by evil.

Darkwaters are found in such places as Garth Agarwen, Fornost, Angmar, and the Evendim instances. They have various strong debuffs and are always aggressive. They are weak to Westernesse and Fire damage and Song and resistant to Common and Physical damage.


Darkwaters do not appear in the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. Like many shades and fell spirits within the game however, they are inspired by Tolkien's writings of evil spirits commanded by the Dark Lord Sauron.


A list of all known sightings:

Darkwaters(43 P)