Cosmetic Pet Decoration

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Cosmetic Pet Decoration were introduced as part of Rohan Housing. They allow you to use your cosmetic pets as housing decorations in any neighbourhood (both Standard and Premium) as both interior and exterior decorations.

(For Mount Decorations, see Hitching Post.)

How to Create and Use a Cosmetic Pet Decoration

To use a cosmetic pet as a housing decoration, you must first create a Cosmetic Pet Decoration item, or purchase a Pet Harness

Purchase a Cosmetic Pet Decoration

You start this process by opening up a Decoration window (usually by right-clicking on a hook).

Open the Decoration window

Drag one of your cosmetic pets from your Skills window or Collections window onto the Decoration window. A payment window will pop up. (Note: This will not remove the cosmetic pet from your collection. Also, you can create multiple decorations of the same cosmetic pet.)

There is only one way to pay for creating a Cosmetic Pet decoration: Mithril Coins.

Payment: Mithril Coins or Prepurchased from Curator

Cosmetic pet harnesses cost 20 Mithril Coin . They are also available from the Curator for 2,500 Figments of Splendour.

Pay with Mithril Coins

Decoration is Created

Once you confirm payment, the Cosmetic Pet Decoration item is placed directly in the Decoration window. Note that while the decoration is in the window, the icon and text are generic. You can see the name of what specific cosmetic pet was used through the floaty name and the tooltip of the Cosmetic Pet Decoration in the hook.

Cosmetic Pet decoration item in window

Cosmetic Pet decoration tooltip

Decoration Items in Inventory

When you remove the Cosmetic Pet decoration item and place it in your inventory, the icon takes on the appearance of the cosmetic pet it was created from.

Cosmetic Pet decoration items in inventory

Positioning the Cosmetic Pet Decoration

Once created, a Cosmetic Pet decoration item is positioned like any other decoration with the exception of elevation. The elevation cannot be changed for cosmetic pets in yard hooks. The elevation can be changed for cosmetic pets in furniture hooks, but the cosmetic pet will fall until it hits a floor. While this allows a pet to be hooked on one floor and appear on another, if there is an available path the pet will eventually wander back to the original furniture hook.

Position the Cosmetic Pet decoration item

Example Yard

Rohan houses, especially the Deluxe Mead Hall, offer many yard hooks close together:

Cosmetic Pet Decoration Example (housing mode on)

Cosmetic Pet Decoration Example (housing mode off)