Corruption in Command

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Deed Lore

Defeat the sources of the blight within the Sixteenth Hall.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

This hideous orc-foe is almost pitiable in his sickened state, but his illness lends him a terrible strength and malicious power of will.
Mutated nearly beyond recognition, Dhûrz of the Globsnaga seems formed to exert more cruelty than most orcs are capable of.
The Lost One seems to be the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong: such a creature should never have come into being.


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 10 LOTRO Points
  Slayer-title-icon.png <name>, Blight-scourge
  Virtue Experience-icon.png Virtue Experience: +2000
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Iron Garrison Guards ( 700 )