Constable Underhill

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Constable Underhill
Image of Constable Underhill
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region Bree-land
Settlement Combe
Interior The Comb and Wattle Inn
Map Ref [28.7S, 49.3W]


Constable Underhill is found outdoors at the porch of the Comb and Wattle Inn, just by the entrance to Training Hall at Combe in Bree-land. He takes his job seriously and is both aware of what is happening in the neighbourhood as he shuns no obstacles to track down villains and keep Combe safe, but he is just one hobbit and does not refuse a helping hand. However, he is happy to receive some Delicious pastries in the anniversary.

Quest Involvement


"Mmmmm! This is delicious. Oh that hit the spot! Thank you for the wonderful meal."