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A Class Trait Point-icon.png Class Trait Point is used to populate the Trait Tree of a particular character.
Trait Points begin to accumulate every other level beginning at level 7, i.e. one point at every odd numbered level. After level 105, trait points are only earned every three levels.
Between 7 and 105: (Level - 5) / 2 = base class trait points. So at level 105 a character would have (105 - 5) / 2 = 50 base class trait points.
They are also earned by a combination of quests, deeds, and other activities within LOTRO.

Maximum Trait Points

As of Update 21, there are a maximum of 88 Class Trait Points available from all sources for a Level 115 character:

50 Every odd level from 7 to 105
3 Every third level to 115 (108, 111, 114)
Class Quests and Deeds
8 Complete class meta deeds
3 Collect all of the Legendary Book Pages (minimum level 39)
1 Complete the item-collecting Class quest chain (minimum level 45)
1 Complete the Level 58 Class Quests in Moria
1 Reach Kindred reputation with the Iron Garrison Guards, then purchase a class-specific book from the vendor (minimum level 58)
Epic Battles
2 Earn 200 Promotion Points in Epic Battles. Promotion points can also be purchased in the LOTRO Store
Regional Quests and Deeds
5 West Rohan quest chains
Note: you must begin with Quest:Word from Edoras even if you have completed the Epic questline already.
4 Central Gondor quest chains
1 Complete the quest [100] Ashes and Stars, Chapter 4 in Eastern Gondor
2 Complete the deeds Quests of Old Anórien and Deeds of Old Anórien
Epic Quests
1 [60] Volume II, Book 6, the Mines of Moria
1 [100] Volume IV, Book 2, Chapter 9: Even In Darkness
1 [100] Volume IV, Book 4, Chapter 10: The Defence of Minas Tirith
1 [100] Volume IV, Book 4, Chapter 11: Hammer of the Underworld
1 [105] Volume IV, Book 8, Chapter 7: Mordor Triumphant
1 [105] Volume IV, Book 9, Chapter 5: The Next Adventure
1 [115] Black Book of Mordor, Chapter 4.4: Union of Evil


  • The "Mines of Moria" point is logged in your Deed Log under "Class/Race/Epic," on the "EPIC tab.
  • The Lvl 50 Class Quest point is logged in your Quest Log under completed quests, under your class.
  • The Lvl 58 Class Quest point is logged as a Deed in your Deed Log by name.
  • Unlike other classes, Beornings receive one Class Trait Point for each of their level 15 and level 30 class quests. In exchange, they only have a single class quest in Moria. Beornings don't earn a trait point for the Mines of Moria epic book, nor do they have a book to purchase from the Iron Garrison vendor.

General Class Deed Summaries by Class