Chieftain Karnbugúl

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Creep-icon.png Chieftain Karnbugúl
Chieftain Karnbugúl.jpg
Faction Creep
Location Dâr-gazag
Map ref [17S, 22.5W]
Race Uruk
Type Combat
Difficulty Nemesis
Level 130
Morale 339,886
Power 27,001


Chieftain Karnbugúl is one of the four Chieftains in Dâr-gazag. He is guarding the entrance to the Tyrant's room.

Target of Quests


Barrel of Oil-icon.pngOpen Book-icon.pngFaded Sindarin Passage-icon.pngFood Sack-icon.pngShattered Blade-icon.pngChieftain's Seal-icon.pngHoarhallow Ale-icon.png