Chieftain Gádhup

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Creep-icon.png Chieftain Gádhup
Chieftain Gádhup.jpg
Faction Creep
Location Lugazag
Map ref [16.7S, 17.2W]
Race Troll
Difficulty Nemesis
Level 130
Morale 373,875
Power 23,761


Chieftain Gádhup is standing in the final room of Tol Ascarnen in the Ettenmoors next to Tyrant Trintrû, when the fortress is held by the Army of Angmar.

Deed Involvement

He is a target of the deed Conquest of Tol Ascarnen along with the other three chieftains in the Tyrant's room, two on either side of Tyrant Trintrû. The four Chieftains are:

Target of Quests


Barrel of Oil-icon.pngOpen Book-icon.pngFaded Sindarin Passage-icon.pngFood Sack-icon.pngShattered Blade-icon.pngHoarhallow Ale-icon.pngChieftain's Seal-icon.png