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Shire is where the home is at

This is user level page for the (User Chat) Channel: Shire, located on Brandywine server.

Started in September of 2020, with aim of promoting awareness of chat commands, as well as aiming to provide a more relaxed alternative to the server's WC, with some focus on the Shire.

All important "Send to" setting:

Most importantly, it's a good idea to send to the channel you are intending to send (in each tab). Default setting is "Say" and one has to change send to line appropriately, often.

Basic screen capture of possible chat tabs setup

Get started by joining in: /joinchannel shire

It's an excellent idea to create tabs for all anticipated types of chat.
Good examples are:
Events / Log
And it is a good idea to keep a tab for IM always open so that all incoming IMs go in there.

Obviously some will consider channels like: LFF (Looking for fellowship) or Trade (to post and monitor trading chat)

It is very helpful to limit input of these tabs to their intended heading / purpose.

The Channel "Shire" as a user set channel would normally use UC1 or User Channel 1, unless you are in other user defined channels as well.

Basic Screen capture

If one uses mouse right click on top of the tab (where it's name is at), following menu comes up:

Existing pages on all things related to chat:

Chat_channels - Everything explained in painstaking detail, if you need more information, it will be found here.

Commands#Chat_Channels - All Chat commands, all key short cuts as well, all in one place.

Gallery of commands in Screen capture format

Gallery from: Chat_channels