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A Tribe is the equivelent of a Kinship for Monster Players. As with Kinships, there are different types that can be created and each allows the members to access different titles based upon their rank within the tribe.

From the start of a tribe, the Tribe Titles become available for display for your members. Tribe titles vary based on the type of tribe chosen by the founder.
There are four types of tribes, each granting the titles listed below.

The four types are:

With mixed being the most common of the four.

Tribe Titles
Rank Mixed Tribe Theme-icon.png Mixed Blogmal Tribe Theme-icon.png Blogmal Ongburz Tribe Theme.png Ongburz Tarkrip Tribe Theme-icon.png Tarkrip
Founder Warlord Ancestor Bone-speaker Overseer
Leader Warrior Warmonger Battle-master Chieftain
Officer Watcher War-boss Field-master Sentinel
Member Grunt Grunt Grunt Grunt

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