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The Water-works

  • This category contains quests based on geography, which have a starting location within the Water-works broken down by settlement and landmark.
  • Levels indicate the main levels; class, faction, festival, and odd quests are not included.
  • For quests which have "Moria: The Water-works" as their "quest group", see Category:Moria: The Water-works Quests.
  • For a display of the dependencies between quests within the Water-works, see Water-works Quests.

See the listed sub-categories for locations, levels, and notes. See also Moria Quest Chains.

Quests per Area, Ordered per Level Range

Area Levels Notes
The Rotting Cellar 54 Quests
Hulwul-nefekh 54 Quests
Chamber of Wheels 54 Quests
Harâzgund 54 Quests Also contains level 60 raid quest for the Vile Maw instance
The Lost Palace 54 Quests


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