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On a daily basis, Warbands will drop spoils as part of their loot.

Boxes of Spoils
East Rohan: Blue Box of Wold SpoilsBlue Box of Norcrofts SpoilsBlue Box of Entwash SpoilsBlue Box of Wildermore Spoils
Red Box of Wold SpoilsRed Box of Norcrofts SpoilsRed Box of Entwash SpoilsRed Box of Sutcrofts SpoilsRed Box of Wildermore Spoils
Green Box of Entwash SpoilsGreen Box of Sutcrofts SpoilsGreen Box of Wildermore Spoils
Silver Box of Sutcrofts SpoilsSilver Box of Wildermore Spoils

West Rohan: Blue Box of Eastfold SpoilsBlue Box of Stonedeans SpoilsBlue Box of Westfold Spoils

Red Box of Kingstead SpoilsRed Box of Eastfold SpoilsRed Box of Westfold Spoils
Green Box of Kingstead SpoilsGreen Box of Eastfold SpoilsGreen Box of Broadacres SpoilsGreen Box of Stonedeans SpoilsGreen Box of Westfold Spoils
Silver Box of Eastfold SpoilsSilver Box of Stonedeans SpoilsSilver Box of Westfold Spoils

Western Gondor: Blue Box of West Gondorian SpoilsRed Box of West Gondorian SpoilsGreen Box of West Gondorian SpoilsSilver Box of West Gondorian Spoils

The Dead Marshes: Blue Box of Dead Marsh Orc SpoilsRed Box of Dead Marsh Orc Spoils

Central Gondor: Blue Box of Central Gondorian SpoilsRed Box of Central Gondorian SpoilsGreen Box of Central Gondorian Spoils

Eastern Gondor: Red Box of Eastern Gondorian SpoilsGreen Box of Eastern Gondorian SpoilsSilver Box of Eastern Gondorian Spoils

Old Anórien: Red Box of Old Anórien SpoilsGreen Box of Old Anórien Spoils

Far Anórien: Blue Box of Far Anórien SpoilsRed Box of Far Anórien Spoils

North Ithilien: Red Box of North Ithilien SpoilsGreen Box of North Ithilien Spoils

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