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The items in this category were introduced with Update 21 - Mordor Expansion. Many of them have a Light of Eärendil bonus, decreasing the amount of shadow experienced when in Mordor.


The Motes of Enchantment system

Introduced with Update 21, the Mordor expansion, the Motes of Enchantment System allows players, by using the Flame of Ancalamír-icon.png Flame of Ancalamír, to deconstruct certain items into Motes of Enchantment -- the motes are then used as barter items with the Barter Npcs listed below.

Motes of Enchantment automatically go into your Barter Wallet, at the bottom, as an account shared "Currency," with a "currency cap" of 10,000. Players who have more Motes than the cap will be unable to Disenchant items until they lower their Motes of Enchantment count below the cap.

Narthavron, master smith of the Noldor, located in the Udûn Foothold, explains the system to you in the Quest: The Ash of Gorgoroth. The Flame of Ancalamír-icon.png Flame of Ancalamír is purchased from his assistant standing nearby, the High-enchanter (Elf-Smith). Once acquired, the flame is not consumed. It remains in your inventory. You can link it to a Quick-slot for easy access if you so desire.

To use the Flame, right-click on the flame, and then left-click on the item you wish to destroy. The dialog will then appear: "Are you sure you want to DESTROY the <item name> to extract <number> Motes of Enchantment?"

Ash of Gorgoroth Instructions.jpg

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Motes of Enchantment Barter NPCs


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