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Colour of an items' text and icon indicate quality.
Icon Text Quality
Grey-icon.png White-icon.png Common
Olive-icon.png Yellow-icon.png Uncommon
Crimson-icon.png Purple-icon.png Rare
Cyan-icon.png Cyan-icon.png Incomparable
Yellow-icon.png Orange-icon.png Epic

Icons for Items on LOTRO-Wiki should be named as follows:

File:Typename ## (quality)-icon.png
Typename is a description of the type of item (e.g. "One-handed Hammer", "Light Head", "Warden's Shield")
## is a numeric counter for the style of icon
quality is the quality description in all lowercase (e.g. "common", "uncommon", "rare", "incomparable", "epic")

The color of the item icon determines the quality (see table at right).

Icon Usage

At LOTRO-Wiki we try to use "generic icons" as much as possible, rather than one icon per item.

  • When creating a new item, try to use an existing icon from the Generic Icons table if you can find a match.
  • If there is no match to a Generic Icon, then if there is a match to a Specific Icon, that icon should be made into a Generic Icon.
  • If there is no match at all, then upload the new icon and make it Generic following the naming standard above.

Common Item Icons

Armour Icons
Category:Head Icons‎
   Category:Light Head Icons
   Category:Medium Head Icons
   Category:Heavy Head Icons
Category:Shoulder Icons‎
   Category:Light Shoulder Icons
   Category:Medium Shoulder Icons
   Category:Heavy Shoulder Icons
Category:Back Icons‎
Category:Chest Icons‎
   Category:Light Chest Icons
   Category:Medium Chest Icons
   Category:Heavy Chest Icons
Category:Gloves Icons‎
   Category:Light Gloves Icons
   Category:Medium Gloves Icons
   Category:Heavy Gloves Icons
Category:Legs Icons‎
   Category:Light Legs Icons
   Category:Medium Legs Icons
   Category:Heavy Legs Icons
Category:Feet Icons‎
   Category:Light Feet Icons
   Category:Medium Feet Icons
   Category:Heavy Feet Icons
Category:Shield Icons‎
Essence Icons
Quest Item Icons
Jewellery Icons
Category:Earring Icons
Category:Necklace Icons
Category:Bracelet Icons
Category:Ring Icons
Category:Pocket Icons
Weapon Icons
Category:Dagger Icons
Category:One-handed Axe Icons
Category:One-handed Club Icons
Category:One-handed Hammer Icons
Category:One-handed Implement Icons
Category:One-handed Mace Icons
Category:One-handed Sword Icons
Category:Spear Icons
Category:Two-handed Axe Icons
Category:Two-handed Club Icons
Category:Two-handed Hammer Icons
Category:Two-handed Implement Icons
Category:Two-handed Sword Icons
Category:Halberd Icons
Category:Staff Icons
Category:Bow Icons
Category:Crossbow Icons
Category:Javelin Icons
Category:Thrown Weapon Icons
Category:Rune-stone Icons
   Category:Fire Rune-stone Icons
   Category:Frost Rune-stone Icons
   Category:Lightning Rune-stone Icons
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