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The quest items for the four quests below can all be found in and around Barnavon.

  1. A World of Trouble
  2. Breaking the Ice (after completing Unsettling Evidence)
    Lhun Avanc - [84.7S, 16.3W] first patrol point
    Barnavon Mine - [84.8S, 14.5W] second patrol point
    Tower on the Hill (Hen Turrau) at third patrol point [85.2S, 14.9W]
    Munfaeril's Shrine at fourth patrol point [85.2S, 14.9W]
  3. [71] Calling for Help (after completing Breaking the Ice)
    [71] Slaves of the White Hand (after completing Breaking the Ice)
  4. [71] Biting the Hand that Feeds - Vector to Amlan in the Gravenwood (after completing Scarred Wood, and maybe Unsettling Evidence)

Volume 3, Book 4: