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Region: East Rohan
Area: Entwash Vale
Location: [44.7S, 66.5W]
The Wódfen with the entrance to Byrgenstow


Byrgenstow is a dungeon in the Entwash Vale. Located in the depths of the Wódfen on the banks of the Entwash, Byrgenstow was once an ancient burial tomb belonging to the ancestors of the Dunlendings. Now it teems with evil in the form of the draugar. [42.5S, 49.4W] The entrance is a door located at [44.7S, 66.5W].




  • Henmaru - Chieftain of the Dead
  • Wódfen Draug
  • Wódfen Bile-draug
Note: Yes, the Draug DO grow in size as you fight them!!
They frequently begin small as Goblins, growing to to Larger than Human as the battle progresses. However, their combat abilities do not appear to change as their size increases. (i.e. neither Morale nor Power increase.)
  • Locked Chest - Destroy them looking for fragments of the Dark Talisman. They also appear to be the source for certain vapors, such as Fear, Disease and Poision. (Each chest yields a small amount of IXP, Steed XP and possibly coin.


Map of Entwash Vale
Brygenstow Upper Level
Brygenstow Lower Level


Settlements and Landmarks of Entwash Vale

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