Burglar's Antidote

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Burglar's Antidote-icon.png
 Burglar's Antidote
  • Skill Type: Buff
  • Cures a harmful debuff affecting yourself.
  • Removes up to 2 Disease, Wound, Fear or Poison effect with maximum strength of [Level + 5] from the target.
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 15s

General Information

Class: Burglar

This skill is automatically acquired at level 26.

This skill replaces the skill Cure Poison.


With the trait Burglar's Antidote, this skill removes 2 effects from entire fellowship.

Tactical Information

This skill removes 2 effect from only yourself. Draughts & Salves or Cooked Food can be consumed to remove more effects.


Using the skill Ready and Able resets the cooldown on this skill.