Bullroarer's Boy

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Deed Lore

The first four pages of this book can be found on enemies scattered across Angmar, Eregion, and Moria. The last four pages of this book can be found on enemies scattered across Forochel, Moria, and the Misty Mountains.

Written some two hundred years ago, "Bullroarer's Boy" was a fanciful journal kept by Haldemar Took, one of the younger sons of Bandobras Took. After the Battle of Greenfields, Haldemar became a Warden of the Shire, and told many Tall (or rather short) Tales of adventures beyond the Bounds, many of them humorous accounts of battle against goblins and trolls and other beasts, some wholly imagined. Though much of the book is whimsy, there is truth at the core that any Warden would value. Sadly, the three known copies of the book were all stolen, suspiciously, within a week of one another nearly a century ago.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

  • Bullroarer's Boy, page 4
    Here is a page from the first chapter, which details the early days of Haldemar Took. He was born hardy and so covered in such a fine, thick coat of fur that his father Bandobras mistook him for a badger.
  • Bullroarer's Boy, page 7
    'A most persnichety hobbit was Haldemar: only the most fine and flexible job would suit him, for in him was not the heart of a common baker or smithy. The fierceness of his father dwelled in him also, thus he took up what weapons he could find and set on the path to becoming a great Warden.'
  • Bullroarer's Boy, page 10
    'A great murder of crebain landed in the willows of Tookland and thus began a most frightful assault on the peace of the borough. They pecked and devoured the crops and made such a racket that all but a brave few stopped their ears with cotton and went to visit relatives far away in Waymeet and Hobbiton. Haldemar, staying behind, singlehandedly drove off the birds in a fright after killing two at once with a single stone's throw.'
  • Bullroarer's Boy, page 12
    This page details Haldemar's first foray into the Wild, an adventure as grand as any you would hear of a hobbit from the Shire, save for a select few especially legendary excursions....
  • Bullroarer's Boy, page 17
    Here Haldemar is said to have driven a goblin-prince to madness by mocking him with his ever-changing strategies, feigning his intentions ever with his skilful diversity.
  • Bullroarer's Boy, page 21
    Written here is the horrific tale of the Great Honey Famine of 2759, lasting a fortnight and a day. Great slavering bears took the hives of Tookland captive, and the wretched hobbits of Tuckborough were forced to have their bread, butter and tea without any honey at all. Haldemar, returning from a journey, was able to cleverly lure them off with his diversionary tactics upon his return home.
  • Bullroarer's Boy, page 25
    This leaf describes the weapons chosen by Haldemar, and the thick armour he wore, raising quite a scandal among the less adventurous hobbits who beheld him. It is said that he wore his armour, arms, and travelling cloak always, even while strolling in the very heart of the shire, as a warning to other hobbits not to grow too soft and cosy, lest danger return again.
  • Bullroarer's Boy, page 33
    The tale of Haldemar Took ends with the besting of the fabled Giant in the Midgewater Marshes, after which our hero retired as a Marchwarden and adopted instead the serious profession sampling and tasting beers, wines, and vittles.


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 10 LOTRO Points
  5Distilled Athelas Essence-icon.png Distilled Athelas Essence
  Class Trait Point-transparent-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point

Additional Information

  • This deed is available for Wardens at level 39.

    This deed starts by acquiring the legendary book Bullroarer's Boy, then pages need to be collected, see the Legendary Book Pages for more information on page locations.